Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit - 14th October 2016 in Aviva Stadium, Dublin.

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Professor Kenneth Ward is the Director of the Division of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of Memphis, School of Public Health. He is also a current Fulbright Scholar at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, where he is collaborating on research on smoking cessation in patients with chronic medical conditions. This lecture will open the Psychology, Health & Medicine conference co-hosted by the Psychological Society of Ireland's Division of Health Psychology and the British Psychological Society's Division of Health Psychology (see for more information)

This lecture is open to the public and is sponsored by the School of Applied Psychology, UCC.

Barbara Battel-Kirk leading the way forward for people interested or involved in the fields of Health Promotion practice, research and education in Ireland. This interesting and very practical workshop was delivered at the AGM of the AHPI last week in Dublin.
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