SAOR training (Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Use) taking place in Galway City  on February 23rd. This one day programme aims to enable staff to have a short, structured and helpful conversation with people in relation to their alcohol use. This course is delivered through the Western Drug and Alcohol Task Force.

Who should attend?

Staff who have occasion to ask people about their alcohol use. This could include workers from social care, family support, employment support, vocational training, criminal justice, probation, education, housing support and general health care services.

Dates & Venues:

February 23rd, Galway City

Course Description:

A brief intervention for alcohol use is a short, helpful conversation that focuses on assessing, and if necessary, assists a person to consider and alter their alcohol consumption. Brief interventions have shown to be effective in initiating change in alcohol consumption for people with mild to moderate alcohol-related problems and in helping people with more significant difficulties to access specialised alcohol treatment services. The SAOR Model has been adopted by the HSE as the model-of-choice for delivering brief interventions for alcohol use.

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