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The Irish Heart foundation are asking people to sign a petition, share the campaign and help them build a movement that calls on junk brands to Stop Targeting Kids.Click here to sign petition 

The problem There is unequivocal evidence of a causal link between the marketing of junk brands and childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Ireland. One in four school children is overweight or obese. In terms of childhood obesity, too much focus has been placed on the personal responsibility of parents and children.

The Targeting Social media was supposed to be about making friends, but because of the lack of digital regulation of marketing, platforms have become large advertising billboards. This is worrying - 7-16 year olds spend approximately 3 hours a day online and yet there is only weak voluntary self regulation by industry.

Junk food and drinks brands heavily market to children and so we have a duty in this digital age to protect our kids when they go online. Partial regulation of marketing to children on television and radio was introduced in Ireland by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. In 2013 because many politicians, parents and other members of the public shared these concerns.


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