Continuing Professional Development

Within the IUHPE Global Registration System, the basic criteria for re-registration are that the practitioner is:

  • A registered practitioner within the System
  • An active practitioner with a minimum of 1.5 years of work experience in Health Promotion practice in the preceding three years
  • Able to show that they have participated in a minimum of 75 hours across a diversity of CPD activities in the preceding three-year period.

To re-register the practitioner must complete an application form that includes details on work experience and of CPD activities undertaken in the preceding three years. Practitioners are advised to keep awards, certificate of attendance, etc., related to CPD activities undertaken over the three-year period as they may be required to submit these as evidence in the re-registration process. If the applicant is still in the same job with the same role, they need only confirm this. If, however they have changed roles but are with the same employer, they will be required to complete a summary of their current role and indicate how it relates to the definitions of Health Promotion practice as defined in the IUHPE Handbook. Those with new jobs with a different employer will also be required to complete a summary of their current role and indicate how it relates to the definitions of Health Promotion practice as defined by IUHPE, and provide a current reference.

A credit points system is used to record CPD activities as this provides a measurable and transparent procedure both for the registering organisation and the practitioner. The minimum requirement for re-registration is the completion of 75 credit hours in the preceding three-year period where one credit equals one hour of participation in the activity. The CPD hours must be across a diversity of activities. It is not a requirement that activities CPD activities be formally accredited- but the practitioner must be able to relate the activity to the IUHPE Core Competencies and Standards to ensure that it has a Health Promotion specific focus. The AHPI briefing paper for continuing professional development for Health Promotion Practitioners can be found here

The table below details categories to assist practitioners to classify CPD and to ensure that a balance of activities is undertaken. CPD does not have to consist of formal courses and conferences, although of course it may include some of these activities.

 Sample of CPD activities Activity



Participating in education/training to increase knowledge/skills in Health Promotion across all IUHPE competencies. This includes courses, on job learning, etc.

Conference /workshop/formal meeting

Participating in a conference/workshop/formal meeting focusing on Health Promotion.


Giving a formal presentation/lecture or providing training on a Health Promotion topic

Peer Group Reflection

Participating in a group comprising Health Promotion practitioners to reflect on and share experiences and provide peer support.

Mentored practice

Gaining /expanding knowledge and/or skills through working with a Health Promotion mentor or acting as a mentor

Undertaking research/evaluation

Undertaking research/evaluation on any aspect of Health Promotion


Publishing an article, book chapter, or book focusing on a Health Promotion topic.

Professional Activities

Being active in a regional, national or international Health Promotion professional association/organisation.


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