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Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart foundation are asking people to sign a petition, share the campaign and help them build a movement that calls on junk brands to Stop Targeting Kids.Click here to sign petition 

The problem There is unequivocal evidence of a causal link between the marketing of junk brands and childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is a serious problem in Ireland. One in four school children is overweight or obese. In terms of childhood obesity, too much focus has been placed on the personal responsibility of parents and children.

The Targeting Social media was supposed to be about making friends, but because of the lack of digital regulation of marketing, platforms have become large advertising billboards. This is worrying - 7-16 year olds spend approximately 3 hours a day online and yet there is only weak voluntary self regulation by industry.

Junk food and drinks brands heavily market to children and so we have a duty in this digital age to protect our kids when they go online. Partial regulation of marketing to children on television and radio was introduced in Ireland by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. In 2013 because many politicians, parents and other members of the public shared these concerns.


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Job Specification
Title:               Health Promotion Officer
Reports to:     Chief Executive
Location:         Asthma Society of Ireland, Amiens Street, Dublin 1
Hours:             Full-time (37 hours / week)
Contract:        1 year fixed term contract
Salary:            €32,000 per annum
The Asthma Society runs a range of health promotion programmes designed to help people with asthma manage their condition effectively. These include a free adviceline, pharmacy clinics and a schools programme. We also provide education and training for healthcare workers on asthma-related issues. We are seeking a Health Promotion Officer to join our dynamic team. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to work for a great charitable organization.
To apply please send your CV and a cover letter to before 5pm on 24th February 2017.

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SAOR training (Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Use) taking place in Galway City  on February 23rd. This one day programme aims to enable staff to have a short, structured and helpful conversation with people in relation to their alcohol use. This course is delivered through the Western Drug and Alcohol Task Force.

Who should attend?

Staff who have occasion to ask people about their alcohol use. This could include workers from social care, family support, employment support, vocational training, criminal justice, probation, education, housing support and general health care services.

Dates & Venues:

February 23rd, Galway City

Course Description:

A brief intervention for alcohol use is a short, helpful conversation that focuses on assessing, and if necessary, assists a person to consider and alter their alcohol consumption. Brief interventions have shown to be effective in initiating change in alcohol consumption for people with mild to moderate alcohol-related problems and in helping people with more significant difficulties to access specialised alcohol treatment services. The SAOR Model has been adopted by the HSE as the model-of-choice for delivering brief interventions for alcohol use.

For more details or to book a place  email:


Bridging the GAP for families and individuals living with Autism

Galway Autism Partnership seeks Coordinator

Founded in 2011 Galway Autism Partnership (GAP is a local charity that provides support and services to children with autism in the Galway area and their families).

GAP is currently seeking a Coordinator who will manage the organisation and coordinate activities and fundraising.


  • Develop and update operating policies to ensure programmes and activities are implemented safely and in accordance with best practice, particularly with respect to children
  • Deliver through appropriate plans an in accordance with agreed policies and procedures the plans and objectives of the charity
  • Work with the Board to ensure that a strategy is in place, which can guide the organisation in achieving objectives and meet the needs of the membership
  • Have responsibility for the day-to-day financial management of the charity, including preparation of budgets for agreement by the Board
  • Define, secure and manage the resources (human, material and financial) needed to operated effectively
  • Maintain effective correspondence with all stakeholders and ensure that GAP is presented in an appropriate and professional manner to its stakeholders
  • Seek opportunities to expand and promote the role and increase awareness of the charity and its work in its partnership model Represent the charity in public forums such as conferences and professional meetings
  • Develop income generation strategies to maintain and enhance the level of funding from existing sources and develop new funding streams
  • Develop and build partnerships with stakeholders to maximise opportunities for income generations
  • Provide direction and support to any staff, contractors or volunteers in the organisation
  • Advocate across sectors for the development of policies and services that will impact positively on service users and stakeholders
  • Increase awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder to the general public

Qualifications and personal specifications

  • Third level degree or equivalent in community development, health promotion, family resource or other related discipline
  • Minimum of three years relevant experience in a similar role
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Experience in  making presentations or engaging with the media
  • Flexibility to work on weekends or evenings if required
  • Ability to apply leadership skills in order to influence, motivate and enable others to achieve the organisation’s aims and objectives
  • Ability to identify opportunities to work collaboratively with potential partners in the community, education and health sectors and build relationships
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding and awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder and a passion for social justice and equality
  • Report to the Board of Directors

Employment Details

  • This is a full time position  (39 hours a week)
  • Office is based in Newcastle, Galway
  • One year fixed term contract
  • Annual leave of 20 days plus statutory holidays

Application Information   

Please submit a full CV with a covering letter to Sile Coen, GAP, Tigh Ronan, 36 Laurel Park Newcastle Galway. Or email:

Closing date for applications                                                                                                                              

Friday 10th February 2017

New Food Pyramid, healthy eating tips and sample meal plans all available on:

The Department of Health keeps dietary recommendations under review as part of its role in promoting evidence based public health. As part of this review, the new Healthy Food for Life – the Healthy Eating Guidelines and Food Pyramid have been developed by the Department working in partnership with other experts in nutrition in Ireland.

Healthy Food for Life is a toolkit which includes a new Food Pyramid and guidance materials to help people makes choices to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The resources reflect best national and international evidence and advice. The guidance applies for everyone from 5 years of age upwards.


Key messages

The three key messages are:

  • Limit high fat, sugar and salt foods from the top shelf of the Pyramid to no more than once or twice a week
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables, at least 5 to 7 servings a day
  • Use the Pyramid as a guide for serving sizes and remember that portion size matters


What is the Food Pyramid?

It is a visual representation of how different foods and drinks contribute towards a healthy balanced diet. The Food Pyramid allows individuals the flexibility to choose foods and drinks from each shelf depending on their food preferences. It organises foods and drinks into 5 main shelves, starting from the most important shelf on the bottom.


What does the Food Pyramid look like?


Interested? Become a member! Apply for membership