IUHPE Renewal

Re-registration for practitioners is obligatory after three years, and every three years thereafter. Practitioners who have been registered by the AHPI can apply online for re-registration – if you are not sure when your registration expires, please check the Register of Practitioners.

Criteria for re-registration:

  • You are a registered practitioner within the system.
  • You are an active practitioner with a minimum of 1.5 years of work experience in Health Promotion practice in the preceding three years.
  • Ability to show the completion of a minimum of 75 hours across a diversity of CPD activities in the preceding three-year period.

How to submit your re-registration:

Applications will only be accepted via the online application form below.

To renew your registration, you must complete a short Word document application form. This form should be downloaded, completed and saved as a .pdf document.

Please note:

  • The application fee is non-refundable.
  • As AHPI members benefit from reduced fees for registration and re-registration, if you want to apply for membership, please do so first, as discounts are valid only for those who are active members at the time of application (apply here).
  • During the COVID19 pandemic the registration period was extended by one year, hence some practitioners may submit details of CPD activity over a four-year period.
  • It is not a requirement that the CPD activities you undertake be formally accredited by the IUHPE or other organisation. However, you must, if required, be able to relate all activities to the IUHPE Core Competencies and Standards to ensure that they have a Health Promotion specific focus.
  • You are advised to keep awards, certificate of attendance, etc., related to CPD activities undertaken over the three-year period as you may be required to submit such evidence in the re-registration process and/or at any time in the next three years.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration is current and to apply for re-registration in advance of the end of the three-year period.
  • Your name will be removed from the published list of registered practitioners if you do not apply to re-register.


Timelines and re-registration Fees

  • Applications for re-registration are open all year and are assessed on a rolling basis.
  • Once your application is received your name will remain on the list until the application assessment is complete.
  • Each application is independently reviewed by two volunteer trained Assessors.
  • Applications which require further information or clarification may take additional time

    The fees for re-registration are as follows:

       AHPI member  Non - AHPI member
    Application Fee   €25  €30
    Re-registration Fee   €70  €95
    Total  €95 (includes a non-refundable €25 application fee)  €125 (includes a non-refundable €30 application fee) 



    There are 3 registration outcomes:

  • Eligible for re-registration.
  • Conditionally eligible for re-registration subject to receipt of additional information within a 4-week period.
  • Not eligible for re-registration. You will be given the reasons for the assessors' decision. If your application is deemed ‘not eligible’ you will be refunded the Re-registration Fee that was part of the payment submitted with your application. An Appeals Procedure is available to those practitioners who wish to appeal the decision.
  • If you are assessed as meeting the criteria for re-registration your Certificate of Registration will be sent to you and your name will continue to be listed in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System Global Register and the National Register, and you can use the professional title 'IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner'. You are once again re-registered for a period of 3 years and must undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities over the next 3 years to be eligible for re-registration.

    If you have any queries on the application process, please email renewalregistration@nao.ahpi.ie

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