26th February, 2014 Venue: Spunout, 48 Fleet Street, Parliament Row, Temple Bar, Dublin. Dear Colleague, I would like to advise you all that the Annual General Meeting of the AHPI will take place in Spunout, 48 Fleet Street, Parliament Row, Temple Bar, Dublin on Wednesday the 26th of February from 10.30 am to 4.00 pm.  The AGM will be followed by a 2 hour training workshop on ‘Planning Health Promotion Actions' which will be delivered by Siobhan McGrory.  The training session will be available to members only. It is important to reserve your place for this workshop as places are limited.   Kind regards Margaret Hodgins
This five-year Galway City Alcohol Strategy (2013 – 2017) takes a public health approach which seeks to influence consumption levels of the total drinking population. The approach is based on a large body of evidence stating that alcohol causes or contributes to a range of social and health-problems, and that the prevalence of these problems is directly related to the consumption levels of the population. Therefore, measures that reduce total consumption will reduce a range of social and health-related harms. This requires a comprehensive city wide approach with all agencies, groups and individuals having a role to play. For further details please visit the website:
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